Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, LOVE leaves a memory no one can steal. Irish Proverb

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Purpose of this Blog

First off, I am a SAHM to three little boys and one angel waiting for me in heaven.
After losing my precious angel I wanted to find a way to be able to bring some comfort and love to all the hurting mamas out there who are missing their beloved babies. I wanted to somehow let them know that they are not alone ~ there other moms, just like them, whose arms are empty and hearts are broken. While there is nothing I can do to take that pain away, I would like them to know that I care, I understand their loss and I am grieving with them.
If you or someone you know has lost a baby, I would like to send you a card. One thing I really enjoy doing (I guess you could call it a form of therapy for me) is scrapbooking and making cards. The card I will make will have this image on it (called an Angel for Kayleigh this is a charitable stamp made by Paper Makeup Stamps ~ you can read more about Kayleigh here) ~

I can make it gender specific or gender neutral. The card you receive will not be this one, this is just an example ~ the image will be the same, but the colors and paper used will be different. There is no cost for this, as I consider this my ministry. I can mail the card directly to the recepient or I can mail it to you, so you can give it to the intended mom. Please email me (dandelion.bouquets(at) with any specifications you would like (gender-specific or gender-neutral) as well as the address of where to send the card.
If you have an angel and would like to share your story on this blog, or if you have a site that really helped you and you would like to share it with others, please email me at the above address.


Emily said...

Oh, I LOVE this! It's so beautiful! That's a wonderful way to use your talent, and God knows we all need to turn our pain into something positive if we can. :)

klarsen said...

Beautiful! HUGS!