Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, LOVE leaves a memory no one can steal. Irish Proverb

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just saw this quote and thought it was a good one:
When you accept what has happened, you aren't acknowledging that it is okay but rather, that you know you must find a way to keep growing and living--even if you don't like it . . . [Don't let] grief be your constant companion . . . Realize that your grief is born out of unconditional love for your... child and rejoice in that love will never end . . . Embracing life again is not a sign that you have stopped missing your baby, but an example of a love that is eternal. ~ Wisconsin Perspectives Newsletter (Infant Death Center of Wisconsin)

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately ~ lots going on and I'll fill you in later.


Lisette said...

Thanks for sharing---great quote.

Emmy said...

Amen, sister. Keeping you in our prayers!